Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Twizard Rating System

So I have been developing my own system of reviewing films by giving them a score out of 100 instead of the 1-10 or the 5 stars approach. There is so much that goes into movies and so many details to consider when critiquing them that how can we just grade them out of 5 or 10 points. Wine is graded using the 100-point system, so why shouldn't something that is equally as complex, such as film, do the same?

I'm still open to tweak so that it's at its best, so let me know if you have any suggestions! Here's how I broke it down:

1-60 pts = How much I personally like the movie. Let's say that I would give a film an 87% based off of my personal taste, I would calculate it so that it would come out to a portion of 60 points ((87 * 60)/100 = 52.2, but I would just round to 52). I'm still trying to figure out if this number (60) is too high. However, the amount that a person likes a movie is a really huge part of their final consensus. And I'm trying to find a number that would be acceptable while not taking up too big a fraction of the total.

1-10 pts = Script

1-10 pts = Story. I've dedicated 20 points to the script and story because I feel that it is the most important aspect to a film being technically sound. The script and story greatly contribute to the film as a whole, as they are the foundation. As for the story specifically, its points may also reflect the direction of the movie.

1-10 pts = Character depth and development. I usually break it up as 5 points for the depth/complexity of the character and 5 points for the overall story arc of the character. Like you said, some of this also reflects how well the actor portrays the character (which is another category on its own)

1-5 pts = Acting.

Other Categories: These are 5 categories that are allocated one point each if they succeed at doing a good job. If they do a great or exceptional job, they can be given 2 or 3 points, respectively. These categories are Directing/Editing, Cinematography, Art, Sound/Music, and Fx. So, although a film could technically get up to 110 points, it will just be rounded down the the 100 point ceiling.

So, the total point values are equal to a school-like grade. In other words:

94-100 = A
90-93 = A-
87-89 = B+
84-86 = B
80-83 = B-
77-79 = C+
74-46 = C
70-73 = C-
67-69 = D+
64-66 = D
60-63 = D-
59 or lower = F

*Detailed breakdowns for each film are available upon request.

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