Friday, July 25, 2014

Quick Movie Review: Mighty Joe Young (1998)

Maybe at the time this was released it wasn't all that appreciated by some older viewers. However, I love a good '90s movie. 

While not seeing the original yet--although I plan to soon--I can't compare the two. But all I know is that I really enjoyed this film. I was 9 when it was released and hadn't watched it until just now. I have to say that I wish I had grown up with this movie. It's a great family film! It's predictable even when you think they might stray away from it--but it's good clean fun that never becomes too apparent that it's catering to the children. Although the script may not be the strongest, it will do just fine. I wish the characters had been a little deeper, but other than that I think it serves its purpose. Charlize Theron is great and the scene where Joe terrorizes Hollywood is well worth the price of admission. Add the beautiful scenery and the more-than-acceptable effects for 1998, and it's an easy movie to like! Apparently a little TOO easy for some.

Twizard Rating: 89

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