Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quick Movie Review: Friends With Benefits

Now, it's only natural to compare this movie to No Strings Attached which came out a few months before. Honestly, they are both good movies. However, I think that Friends With Benefits is a lot funnier and slightly more enjoyable. While I thought that the script was stretched a little too thin in this one, it has a much more relatable themes and is more fun altogether. But although both films are worth a watch, No Strings Attached is a little smarter and suffers less from cliches.

While I'm still not a huge fan of Timberlake's acting, the rest of the cast was tremendous and there's no denying that his chemistry with Kunis is near-perfect. This may be the sole reason to root for a happy ending at all. Because honestly I couldn't have felt more detached from their fates.

In slight attempts to make fun of itself, Friends With Benefits doesn't offer us anything terribly unique plot-wise, but it's truly a sum of its parts. In the long run, this is one that you're going to be rewatching before the other.

Twizard Rating: 79

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