Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Quick Movie Review: Big Eyes (2014)

Big Eyes will be seen as one of Tim Burton's best achievements--not because it's such a different film than anything he's made before, but because he doesn't lose his signature style in the process. It's all there. Excellently paced and well-acted, this movie offers us a unique and weird story. It makes us laugh out loud and also feel for the characters. The ending is redeeming and well worth the journey.

The writers don't do anything fancy with the dialogue, but the stage direction is terrific. Burton works so well with all of his collaborators here and as a result gives us a movie to smile at. The art and set designs capture the era in a way that makes you forget that our world no longer looks like that.

At its core this film is about art and expression. Although artists share their work, they still create it and need credit where it is due--not just for their pride or their egos, but because they need reassurance that what they are doing means something.

Burton outdoes himself with Big Eyes. Their aren't any mistakes in this film that are distracting and it all flows together very evenly. A great watch!

Twizard Rating: 95

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